Online ASHA Approved Professional Training

ASHA APPROVED TRAINING (self-paced) 4.5 hours of CEU’s. As this training is ASHA approved, it is therefore approved for CEU’s at other national and international groups.

ASHA approved training information here!

(To do the practical training you need to have an Acoustic Pioneer account.  SIGN UP HERE!)

Please do the training in chunks of time that are convenient for you. Also, feel free to share these details with other Audiologist, SLP, or psychologist colleagues.

There are 2 video sessions (1.5 hours each) and 1 practical review (likely 1.5 hours - depending) – each of these can be broken down into smaller blocks of time

  1. Session 1 – A VIDEO - a review of APD and significant data on how it relates to language and reading through current literature review
  2. Session 2 – A VIDEO - details about the Acoustic Pioneer Programs and scientific data behind them as well as some case samples
  3. Session 3– a PRACTICAL SESSION – you will need to complete the following:
    1. email or call us to get you set up with enough credits to run through things in your own Acoustic Pioneer Account
    2. Sign in to the ‘Feather Squadron’ iPad App
      1. sign in with your username and password
      2. Run through a Feather Squadron assessment (any headphones will work for demo purposes)
    3. Sign in to the ‘Hearing Loss Screener’ iPad App with the same log in and take the screening
    4. Sign in at www.acousticpioneer.com
      1. sign in with your username and password
      2. View the reports
    5. Set up a code for insane Earplane using credits
    6. Set up a code for Zoo Caper using credits
    7. Play the codes on a tablet, chromebook, or windows PC 
    8. Sign in to the website to view the therapy report.
    9. That’s it!

To View the lecture videos (Session 1 and Session 2 - see the videos in the video section (CLICK HERE) and you will need a device that is online and with headphones or speakers to hear the audio portion.

To participate in the practical training (Session 3) email or call us to get you set up with enough credits to run through things without cost.  You will need an iPad and stereo headphones. If you wish to have the iPad apps calibrated correctly (APD test ‘Feather Squadron’ and hearing check ‘Hearing Loss Screener’), I would advise getting the KOSS UR10 headphones. However, any set of stereo headphones will suffice for demonstration purposes.

Please send the ASHA CE form, the "Self Learning Assessment and the Course Eval" in the documents section of this website and send to info@acousticpioneer.com.

Also feel free to reach out to info@acousticpioneer.com should you have any questions or need any assistance with anything.

Auditory Processing Advancements

Course Activity:

This 4.5 hour seminar and practical application session will focus on newly developed tools that have been developed for use by audiologists and speech and language pathologists to test and

administer therapy to people who have auditory processing deficits using current technology.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Explain the validity data for using computer based test and therapy developments
  2. Identify an action appropriate therapy based on the APD test results
  3. Be able to practically set up and administer testing and therapeutic options

Please have access to an iPad and KOSS UR10 headphones for the practical training. Also please install the apps: Feather Squadron, Insane Earplane, and Zoo Caper Skyscraper and Hearing loss screener.

Keynote speaker

Matthew Barker, AuD CCC-A and MNZAS

Matthew Barker is the director of Acoustic Pioneer and developed the tools to be discussed in this seminar. He has been pursuing improvements in the auditory processing area since his doctoral research project in 2003 from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and has published and presented internationally on the subject.

Financial Disclosure:

Matthew Barker is part-owner and share-holder of Acoustic Pioneer. 

Non-financial Disclosure:

Matthew Barker has no relevant non-financial disclosures.

Course Content Disclosure:

This course will focus on Acoustic Pioneer products but will include some information on similar or related products.

Schedule: Self-paced

SESSION 1: A recorded seminar reviewing the historical evidence and current research over auditory processing and how it relates to language and reading. 1.5 hours.

SESSION 2: A recorded seminar focusing on Acoustic Pioneer programs for testing and setting up therapies for auditory processing deficits. 1.5 hours.

SESSION 3: A practical demonstration by the participant of the Acoustic Pioneer auditory processing test, hearing screening program, and both therapies. 1.5 hours.