Subscription Model Updates

We are moving away from individual 'pay as you go' methods to an
annual subscription based system that is taylored to your needs. 

Please email us for a customized quote.

Auditory training games that work! (ASHA, 2015)

(These must be prescribed by a professional)


"This is SO cool!"

-   Teri James Bellis, Ph.D., 


"This is the most engaging and easy way to
measure auditory processing that I've ever seen."

-    Suzanne Purdy, Ph.D.


Note to professionals:

To access our testing OR to create therapy codes

Please sign up.


Only qualified professionals may test in-depth

and/or set up therapy.




Playing therapy through our website is no longer available as FlashPlayer is retired. 

- You can NOW install either therapy program onto a chromebook through the Google Play Store. 

- You can also install from this website to any windows PC and play. 

- And as always you can use any supported apple iPad or Android tablet and play through the correct app.

An internet connection will still be required.  Click the button above that says 'Download Apps' and select the correct type of device.

(And yes we are working on a way to install onto mac computers as well)


World's most extensive, engaging, and fast Auditory Processing test

(Validated by International Journal of Audiology - 2015, and the Journal of American Academy of Audiology - 2017)


SCREENING TOOL (Parents and Teachers)

- We have developed a screening tool which allows anyone to screen very accurately for important auditory processing areas on anyone suspected of a problem.  This is recommended for anyone who is having educational difficulties, reading problems, language delays, difficulties following classroom instruction, or similar.  The tool must be used through an iPad and any set of stereo headphones that go over the ear.


- For highly trained language and cognitive professionals, we have developed an extended evalation to measure auditory processing in detailed measurements to provide a clear picture of difficulties your patients may be facing with their auditory processing 


- This is for AUDIOLOGISTS only.  It provides a comprehensive evaluation in many areas and compares these results to same aged peers giving indications of performance in Standard Deviation.